Friday, May 25, 2012

The Final Countdown

I just realized that this is my last weekend in Stellenbosch.  Next Friday, I’ll be on a bus with my three wonderful roommates and our friend Emily, heading towards Bulungula, Lesotho, and Durban.  I’m so excited to travel, but I can’t believe that it’s almost the end.  I’ve been in denial about it, so now it’s hitting me really hard.  I’ve been trying to cheer up by reminding myself that I’ll be back here some day, and I’ll see my AIFS friends in the states, and my South African friends will come visit too, but I know that it will be different.  Even when I come back to Stellenbosch, it won’t be the same.  I won’t have the same Americans with me, I probably won’t be living here for five months, some of my South African friends likely will have moved on to another part of the country.  Even the city itself will have changed.  I know the only constant is change, but all the “every end is a beginning” clichés won’t push back the date of my flight into JFK!

Since I’m feeling all sentimental, I’m going to share some of my favorite memories from my time in South Africa!

·         Looking up at the night sky in the Cederbergs

·         The day Ginny, Corie, and I found the little plaza we’re obsessed with.

·         Every night at Brazen Head, our favorite bar in Stellies.

·         Helen Watermelons at Trumpet Tree

·         Vensters and rugby games, being a Stellenbosch student!

·         Shark Cage Diving

·         Celebrating my birthday at Celebrate

·         Old Biscuit Mill

·         The time the train stopped and we had to walk home…is that weird?

·         Going out on Long Street in Cape Town

·         Mzoli’s and then Fat Cactus on Cinco de Mayo

·         Ommiberg Wine Festival in Paarl – where I swam in a red wine pool!

·         Going to Mama Africa!

·         Kloofing, and white water rafting

·         Swimming in the Indian Ocean

·         Every animal I’ve seen, even the dassie that bit me.

·         Hiking Table Mountain, even though the fog was too thick to see anything.

·         Knysna with Liz and Corie

·         Langebaan with Ad-Lib, great weekend.

·         Liz attempting to teach Corie and me to make South African food

·         Laid back nights on our excursions, relaxing with the group and a hubbly.

·         LSCE Braais

·         Everything about LSCE and Lynedoch, especially Grade 3.

·         Hanging out in my flat with my lovely roommates

·         Ostrich burgers at Jan Cat’s with my roommates

·         Doing everything on Africa time.

·         When I understand little bits of Afrikaans

·         Celebration of Work for LSCE

·         Game drive in the Kalahari!

·         Sun rise over Augrabies Falls

·         Annie’s midday birthday striptease by the Argentinean rugby team

·         Riding on the back of a tractor filled with grapes

·         Today’s wine tour, specifically Bilton with their amazing wine and chocolate pairings.

·         Every friend I’ve made and every conversation I’ve had. 

I realize a lot of these probably don’t make sense to other people, but it’s nice to see such a solid list of favorite memories (although I bet no one but my parents actually read the whole list)!  I’m sure there are others that I just can’t think of right now.  Some things are so simple, but for one reason or another really stick out.  I’m so sad to leave this beautiful life that I have here, but I’m glad I have the most amazing five months of my life to look back on forever.


  1. That is quite the list! Enjoy your final weeks sweetie and be safe. We are counting down the days until we see you! xo

  2. AND your Aunt Kathy!! Just a little late from when you posted! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo